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Emei Qigong Level 1

Emei Qigong Level 1

For Profound Health, Healing and Spiritual Development

Presented by Devatara Holman, MS, MA, LAc

A special course for meditators and healers, physicians and other health-care professionals, yoga and Qigong practitioners, health enthusiasts and all others devoted to advanced self-care and the benefit of all sentient beings.


This is typically an 8-Week Course that will soon be available online.

One teaching per week.

Home study includes at least one fifty-minute practice time daily, 2 text books, videos, audio meditations, workbooks, and other materials.

Registration is limited to only a few weeks out of the year. Join our community to receive information on registration availability.

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This course provides valuable knowledge and tools if you are:

· Ready to begin a core practice that will balance your body and mind, dispel illness and alleviate emotional discomfort

· Seeking authentic methods to help free yourself and others from physical and emotional suffering

· Dedicated to transforming past difficulties and accepting the true nature of your own mind


Course Highlights:

• Learn life-long practices for profound physical and psycho-spiritual transformation

• Balance emotions and treat symptoms and illnesses in yourself and others

• Develop a cognitive understanding of the wisdom methods of an authentic, ancient and unbroken Buddhist lineage

• Expand your understanding of meditation and its practical potential for rapid transformation in your life


More about this course:

This comprehensive course will provide you with a practical repertoire of authentic tools to transform afflictive emotions, resolve physical ailments, and powerfully support spiritual development. Participants will also develop a clear, cognitive understanding of the theory behind these potent, enduring techniques.

The teachings and practices offered in this course are based on the 800-year-old Emei Linji Chan Lineage of the Sino-Tibetan borderland—ancient knowledge that has only become available to the lay population in the past ten years.


About the Instructor: Devatara Holman, MS, MA, LAc,

Qigong Master and senior student of Emei Lineage Head, Grandmaster Fu Weizhong, Devatara has been a student of the Emei methods since 1985. She is a Certified Master and Fourteenth Generation Teacher in the Emei Linji Chan Lineage of Chinese Buddhism, which is now referred to as  “Emei Qigong” for the benefit of educating the lay population. She has been granted the privilege of offering these teachings and in this unprecedented event,  making them available online.

Devatara lived in the border region of China and Tibet for over seven years during the 1980’s, where she began her study of Buddhist medicine and the integration of medicine and spiritual practices. She has returned since then to study, teach and share her medical expertise. Devatara has dedicated her life to the benefit of all sentient beings, and increasing awareness of the great benefits of the authentic Dharma, Buddhist medicine and in these teachings, the wisdom of the Emei Linji Chan Lineage.


Registration is limited to only a few weeks out of the year. Join our community to receive information on registration availability.

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Summary of the Course


Ideal for mediators and healers, physicians and other health professionals, hospice workers and other care-givers, beginning and advanced qigong practitioners, yoga practitioners and health enthusiasts of all kinds.


The holistic benefits of this course include:

Enhance Physical Vitality:

  • Delete illness-producing information from the body and mind
  • Increase energy and strength
  • Improve mobility in hips, knees and ankles
  • Free up stiff neck and tight shoulders
  • Release migraine-causing tension
  • Alleviate back pain
  • Help normalize blood pressure
  • Promote better blood sugar levels
  • Reduce gastrointestinal distress
  • Ease the effects of hormonal fluctuations
  • Bolster the health of the prostate
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Resolve chronic pain syndromes
  • Moderate the impact of cancer, tumors and cysts
  • Rebalance the energy of the organs
  • Transform many illnesses that have taken on material form

Balance Emotions:

  • Dispel anger from the past
  • Relieve worry, anxiety and fear
  • Lift the weight of afflictive emotions
  • Calm an overly excitable nature
  • Free the mind from over-thinking
  • Gain the ability to face life’s uncertainties with more ease

Expand spiritual understanding:

  • Develop access to the non-dual state and its healing ability
  • Delete karma that can manifest as illness
  • Change previous karma and the results of previous thinking
  • Understand the nature of mind and our thinking
  • Practice methods using breath, mantra, mudra and meditation
  • Change your karmic destiny
  • Learn the principles of Good Thinking and Guiding the Mind on the Right Path
  • Uncover your own latent abilities
  • Learn transcendent forms of the highest Tantric Buddhist energy practices
  • Infuse your cells with the healing wisdom of the non-dual reality
  • Understand the role of our subtle thinking and karma in illness, health and healing
  • Learn methods to understand and purify one’s own subtle intention

Learn the fundamentals of true health and healing:

  • Heal yourself and help others to heal
  • Learn easy-to-follow dietary guidelines
  • Relieve your body and mind of the tension of the dualistic realm
  • Adopt an easy and highly effective movement practice for self-healing
  • Develop easy, on-the-spot methods to relieve pain and illness in self or others
  • Prevent “healer’s disease” and strengthen your energy as a healer
  • Follow six rules for effective healing
  • Harness the life-changing power of intention
  • Understand the role of subtle thinking in illness, healing and health


Graduated levels of training provide a well-defined path for continued study.



This popular course features lecture, moving and still practices for healing oneself, and hands-on practices for healing self and others.

Topics to be covered include:

  • What is Qigong
  • History of the Emei Linji Chan Lineage
  • Wuji Gong Instruction and Practice (Non-dual Skill)
  • Qi Testing Methods
  • The Emei Qigong View of the Universe
  • Qi Information in Everything
  • Elements of Qi Information Healing
  • Using Empowered Objects for Self-Healing
  • Timing for Qigong Practice
  • Place for Qigong Practice
  • The Emei Lineage View of Human Illness
  • Self-Healing with Sacred Healing Sounds and Empowered Object Sitting Meditation
  • Group Healing
  • The Basic Concepts of Yin and Yang
  • Taiji – A Simplified, In-depth Explanation (Understanding Dual and Non-dual Realities)
  • How to Sustain Happiness
  • The Human Body Life Energy Field
  • A Layman’s View of Karma
  • Methods to Transfer and Clear Diseases
  • On Gathering External Qi
  • On Detecting and Identifying Disease via the Physical Senses
  • Methods to Transfer and Clear Disease
  • Secrets of Qi Information Healing
  • Disease Qi Disperses and Universal Qi Enters
  • Qi Transmission Methods
  • Universal Mantra Qi Transmission
  • Using Empowered Objects for Healing Others
  • Practice Transferring and Clearing Disease in Others


Kind words about this course:

This course is rich, deep, and reliable, both in theoretical understanding, and in health-giving practices that one can learn for a lifetime. I recommend it without reservation.”

—Byron Belitsos, award-winning coauthor of A Return to Healing


Devatara Holman is a truly inspired teacher with a very dynamic presence.”

—B.D., Radio Producer


These methods are absolutely revolutionary! These jewels have changed my world!

—L.G., Chiropractor, Buddhist Practitioner


“Holman delivers a profound wealth of information with tremendous skill, grace and joyfulness.”

—S.G., Writer


Devatara Holman knows more about meditation and energy work than any American teacher I have ever met. In addition to being a lovely person, she is a very wise and skilled teacher and healer.”

—T.B., Health Consultant


Registration is limited to only a few weeks out of the year. Join our community to receive information on registration availability.

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