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Herbal Medicine


Some medical conditions respond more effectively to Oriental herbal treatment than to acupuncture alone. We use the highest quality herbal formulas that have been trusted for hundreds of years. Generally, these are made of plant substances that were eliminated from the regular diet many centuries ago because of their powerful effects on the body.

Chinese herbal medicine is a highly developed art and science. The kind of herbal medicine we practice today is built upon a history of clinical knowledge that is well over 2,000 years old.  As a rule, a Chinese herbal should not be used long-term, nor without the prescription of a trained Oriental medical practitioner.


This is because they have strong effects, are complex to understand and are generally used only in very skillful combination in order to avoid any unwanted side effects. Oriental Medical practitioners have a minimum of four years of intensive training in Chinese herbology and then follow that with years of clinical use. We also rely on many centuries of recorded clinical use of these natural substances to derive the perfect, unique combination to treat a particular condition.

Providing the Highest Quality Herbal Medicine AvailableChinese Herbal Medicine spilled on a white table.

The Chinese herbal formulas prescribed in our clinic are made of  highest quality herbal ingredients available. All ingredients have undergone repeated testing to ensure that we deliver the safest, highest quality products to you. Our herbal formulas are tracked from seed to shelf in order to insure accountability at every stage of cultivation and production. Most of the formulas we use are in pill or capsule form and pass through an average of 15 different tests before they reach the patient.

iStock_herbs_in_class_jars8002435SmallIf you are taking herbs as part of your vitamin regimen or in other over-the-counter dietary supplements, you may want to review this with us.

How can Chinese herbal medicine help me to skillfully ward off colds, treat the flu, ease emotional ups and downs or help me with other chronic or periodic health concerns?

What specific herbal formulas can you use to create your own individual home pharmacy?

How can I use Chinese herbal medicine safely even if I am already using Western medical pharmaceuticals?

If you are interested in finding answers to questions like these, please feel free to consult with us.


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