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Medical Qigong

Qigong (pronounced Chee Gung) is the ancient energetic root of Oriental Medicine. Using breath, posture, and conscious intention, Qigong is the practical integration of mind-body-spirit medicine. Today, millions of people in China use Qigong for healing, keeping the body and mind vital and flexible, and for spiritual development, enrichment and realization. It is a medical and spiritual art form that uses the mind not only to heal the body, but also to heal itself. Because it is not bound by any theological system, it can be used to deepen the spiritual experience of life regardless of one’s philosophy, religion or belief system.

“External Qigong” is the form applied by the practitioner to the patient to correct physiological problems and induce sensations of deep peace. “Internal Qigong” involves exquisitely simple exercises designed to suit the unique needs of each individual. These are personal tools available to each of us at any time to resolve many types of physical and emotional discomfort. Qigong practices expand the capacity of the mind and deepen our understanding of how we can cultivate health, happiness and profound inspiration in our own lives.


Emei Qigong


Emei Qigong is a great treasure-offering to the world from the Emei Linji Chan Lineage of Chinese Buddhism. Held in secret for almost 800 years, reserved only for the monastic Chan community, this wisdom tradition has been passed down through an unbroken lineage.  Only in the early part of this century, in a historical and revolutionary act of expansive compassion and generosity, have the jewels of understanding in this tradition been revealed to the world’s lay population. It embraces a comprehensive system of teachings and practices particularly relevant to the challenges of the modern world by promoting physical health and healing, emotional balance, and the development of higher levels of awareness to help awaken to one’s True Nature.

IMG_4566.JPGDevatara Holman, MS, MA LAc is a recognized Qigong Master having devoted her life to study and practice since 1979. Since 1985 she has been a devoted senior student of Emei Qigong Lineage Head, Grand Master Fu Wei Zhong.

The teachings offered in this tradition address the five causes of human illness with precise and direct methods of resolution. It includes instruction in diet, balanced lifestyle, movement, meditation and skillful resolution of severe, chronic or even inherited physical and emotional imbalances.

Qigong healings and the precious teachings of the Emei Lineage are available via private sessions, internet study programs, and public teachings to health practitioners and the general public.

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