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Diet & Lifestyle Counseling

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Dietary Therapy

The everyday functioning of our body is largely determined by the food we eat and drink. It is astounding how many disorders can be resolved by simple and easy changes in one’s diet. As one example, we recently berriesdetermined that one patient’s severe PMS was caused by drinking too much ice water. Once she started drinking warm liquids instead, her problem resolved immediately.

Knowing which foods support or injure the health of your individual constitution is critical for maintaining both physical and emotional health and happiness. It will help remedy many iStock_Chinese_Soup_8435924Smallday-to-day discomforts and curb the development of slow-growing diseases and disorders. The earlier we start to develop our skill knowing how to use food as medicine as well as pleasure, the more likely we are to live healthfully and joyfully into our later years.

We help patients navigate this territory with clear, detailed Waffle close up 2direction and support.

We like to make change easy, fun, interesting and help it to feel good every step of the way. So our goal is to always encourage dietary solutions that are as pleasing to the palate as they are healthful to your mind and body.

Lifestyle Counseling

Living a life of health and happiness is an art in the finest sense. The ancient canons of Oriental medicine are based on the unchanging laws of harmony and nature. They provide us with enduring guidelines for living a life that produces ever greater health and happiness not only for oneself, but also for all others.  Proven over the course of millennia, the principles and practical guidelines formed from this understanding of nature,  help us to not only understand ourselves but also to understand others and the world around us. Thereby, they provide us with a true doorway into the skillful art of living and self-mastery and the art and science of happiness.

This is true in the greater, philosophical sense, but also and in very most practical, everyday sense, as well.

For example…

Did you know that if you want to help your children to have health digestive health, then it is wise to cultivate the habit of engaging in pleasant, joyful conversation at dinner time. Reserve difficult topics of discussion for another time, away from mealtime and food.


If you are at risk for cardiac irregularities or heart attack, did you know that you can reduce the chance of heart attack by always wearing slippers at home?

As another example…

If you are challenged with emotional depression, lack of motivation or unhealthy lifestyle choices,  it is possible that your physical home environment could actually be contributing to your inclinations in this direction. By making simple changes in your home, it is possible to feel naturally and significantly more inclined toward healthier choices and more positive attitudes.

There are innumerable ways in which the understanding the laws of nature can help us promote happiness and health in our lives. The principles of Oriental Medicine can provide guidance in every subtle aspect of the art and science living.

How does one learn to go beyond suffering and feeling over-whelmed by the challenges of life?

Are you looking at options for meditative or movement practices, and need help deciphering the most efficient and effective type for your body, your mind and your lifestyle?

Is its time to feel good again, or to feel that life is good again?

Maybe you would like to truly know what it is to thrive in life, to have a positive impact on others and the on world around you too.

We need reliable guides to help us navigate through the many complex challenges to our health and well-being. Rooted in the understanding of the nature of all things, Oriental Medicine can be such a guide and help us to realize self-mastery, and ever-increasing health and happiness not only for ourselves, but for all others, as well.

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