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Qigong Institute – A non-profit organization dedicated to promoting Qigong and Energy Medicine through research and education.  The Qigong and Energy Medicine Database™ provided by QI is a unique and tremendously valuable resource highlighting over 12,000 abstracts from research performed around the world on the effectiveness of Qigong, energy medicine and meditation.

Society for Acupuncture Research (SAR)– The original vision was to foster scientifically sound inquiries and stimulate scholarship in acupuncture and Oriental medicine.  To this end, SAR  sponsors international biannual conferences on research advances and issues in acupuncture and Oriental medicine. Since 2014 SAR has been dedicated to:

  • Advance and disseminate scientific research into acupuncture and related therapies to inform global health care
  • Strengthen evidence informed practice
  • Catalyze inter/trans-disciplinary research that can lead to novel insights into basic physiology and human health
  • Advance knowledge about acupuncture among the health care community at large
  • Inform the effective integration of acupuncture into conventional health care settings and increase access and quality of patient care
  • Seek fundamental scientific knowledge, while honoring the integrity of acupuncture as a traditional system of care


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