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Welcome and Our Philosophy

The seasons turn…Our bodies age…

The environment shifts…

Our life experiences are in constant flux…

Preventive health, like true healing, is a lifelong process that must evolve and adapt to all these changes. We need reliable guides to help us navigate through the many complex challenges to our health and well-being. Oriental Medicine can be such a guide.

Oriental Medicine is a fully-ripened form of medicine that is entirely capable of effectively addressing any variety of the health concerns we see in modern life. Rooted in over 3,000 years of clinical experience, Oriental Medicine is equipped with a comprehensive, fully-developed philosophical view, set of methodologies and evidence of effective protocols to address:

  1. Both acute and chronic diseases
  2. The goals of optimal health and psycho-spiritual happiness throughout life and into old age
  3. Help us to arrive at joyfully and navigate easily through the culmination of life at the time of death.

It also provides a window through which we can see and treat illness even before it is detectable by Western diagnosis. Even if genetic tendencies for a disease are present, Oriental Medicine can help us avoid or treat many symptoms before they manifest as disorders or require harsh intervention by Western medicine.

The good news is: We no longer need to suffer the diseases of our parents. We do not have to endure chronic, nagging problems that impair our quality of life. We can have bodies that are strong and energized, minds that are clear and crisp, hearts that are peaceful and joyfull, and a consciousness of our innate ability to be fully integrated with our own unique spirit.

Whether you want to heal the roots of current medical concerns, prevent future ones or reach a higher state of positivity and vitality in your life, Oriental Medicine can provide effective treatment and invaluable guidance for reaching your health objectives. Now is the time to begin making your life today an investment in your future health and happiness.

At Marin Oriental Medicine we are equipped with the entire spectrum of what Oriental Medicine and natural medicine has to offer: Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine Functional Medicine,  Buddhist Medicine Therapy and Trainings, Qigong Therapy, Energy Medicine, Emei Qigong and Trainings, Dietary and Lifestyle Counseling and more. Energy Healing /Remote Healings and long-distance consultations are also available.


Please call  or e-mail us to schedule an appointment or to discuss how Oriental Medicine might be appropriate for you.

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