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Oct 19

Freedom From Anxiety: 6 Weeks to Calm Your Body and Master Your Mind

Six Weeks of Instruction and Practice

Group webinar teachings
Instructional videos
Audio recordings
Course text books
Study notes
Group Q and A
Personal consultation sessions with Devatara Holman, MS, MA, LAc

Instruction Outline

Module 1 – Creating Brain and Body Chemistry that is Stress- and Anxiety-Resistant

In this module you will discover:

How to create the fuel for calm through daily life and daily activities such as food, nutrition, eating and digestive Health, sleep and rest. All of these contribute to the biochemistry of calm, confidence and focus.

Audio Recordings
Guided Meditation
Workbook / Lecture Notes

Module 2 – The Supreme Energy Practice: Movement Meditation to Heal and Balance Your Whole Body and Calm Your Mind

In this module you will discover how to:

*Establish the foundation for relaxation, calm, focus and positive thinking
*Releases physical stress, reset thinking to a peaceful state
*Allow the physical body to return to homeostasis
*Balance all physio-cognitive functions – the physiological and biological functions, the organs and organ systems, all the body’s chemicals and hormones.
*Balance cognitive function, psychological and emotional states
*Balance channels, chakras and the subtle energy of the entire body
*Relax the muscles and nervous system, relieve pain and structural discomfort
*Increase flexibility, reduce physical pain
*Easily master the art of simultaneous deep relaxation, focus and alertness

This module includes:
Audio Recordings
Instructional Videos
Practice Video
Practice Book


Module 3: The Thinker Meets the Thinking

In this module you will discover:

*How to understanding Thinking
*How does thinking affect us – our emotional experience and our physical body
*Understanding the role of thinking in our reality – our internal reality and our external phenomenon
*Realize how thinking functions a the root cause of our suffering and our happiness
* Learn exactly how to identify and engage in positive thinking and transform negative thinking.
*How to guide our mind on the right path.

Lecture Audio
Workbook / Lecture Notes


Module 4: Removing Hidden Thoughts That Form the Root of Anxiety

In this module you will discover:
*How to delete previous thinking that harms us
*The method to remove hidden thoughts, stored in the body that give rise to stress, anxiety, illness and suffering

Instructional Video
Workbook / Lecture notes



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