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Medical Qigong

Qigong (pronounced Chee Gung) is the ancient energetic root of Oriental Medicine. Using breath, posture, and conscious intention, Qigong is the practical integration of mind-body-spirit medicine. Today, millions of people in China use Qigong for healing, keeping the body and mind vital and flexible, and for spiritual development, enrichment and realization. It is a medical […]

Buddhist Medicine

Articles on Buddhist Medicine Buddhist Medicine: Liberation from Physical and Emotional Suffering An interview with Devatara Holman M.A., M.S., Lac, specialist in Buddhist Medicine This interview was conducted by Byron Belitsos, the coauthor of A Return to Healing: Health Care Reform and the Future of Medicine. Buddhist medicine is the specialty of the Sausalito-based Primary […]

Diet & Lifestyle Counseling

Dietary Therapy The everyday functioning of our body is largely determined by the food we eat and drink. It is astounding how many disorders can be resolved by simple and easy changes in one’s diet. As one example, we recently determined that one patient’s severe PMS was caused by drinking too much ice water. Once […]

Integrative Psych Medicine™

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has none of the mind-body split which characterizes Western Psychology and Psychiatry. The English word ‘psyche’ roughly corresponds to the Chinese phrase Jing Shen, or “Essence-Spirit”, but mental-emotional patterns arise for very much the same reasons as any other TCM disorders. The same underlying pattern that is expressed as dizziness, blurred […]

Remote Healing / Energy Healing

The Power of Energy Healing – Remote Healing and In-clinic Sessions Remote or Local Qigong Healing Energy Healing healing sessions are an incredibly powerful treatment option.  Now, not only is modern science validating this ancient form of healing, but after almost 35 years of practicing energy medicine and remote healing, Devatara is seeing ever greater  […]

Mei Zen Facial Acupuncture

Mei Zen Facial Acupuncture is now available! Call our clinic now for information: 415-332-1013 New page coming soon!


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