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Medical Services for everyone

Oriental Medicine

Oriental Medicine is a fully-ripened, fully-integrated approach to health, healing and well-being that has been tested and used successfully for nearly 5,000 years. Because its comprehensive philosophy and foundation is based on the principles of Nature, Oriental Medicine is capable of addressing any disease or disorder that my arise in the modern world, just as […]

Functional Medicine

What is Functional Medicine At Marin Oriental Medicine, we integrate the very best of the ancient tradition of natural, Oriental medicine with the very best that modern, health-centered care can offer, through the systems of Functional Medicine. We use scientific testing to detect and illustrate areas of stress, weakness or dysfunction. We then make individualized […]

Physio-Cognative Therapy™


Acupuncture is only one of the many modalities we use in Oriental Medicine. It involves the insertion of extremely fine, disposable needles into specific points in the body. There are many scientific theories about how stimulation of these points benefits the organs, tissues and fluids of the body. As research from around the world has […]

Herbal Medicine

Some medical conditions respond more effectively to Oriental herbal treatment than to acupuncture alone. We use the highest quality herbal formulas that have been trusted for hundreds of years. Generally, these are made of plant substances that were eliminated from the regular diet many centuries ago because of their powerful effects on the body. Chinese […]

Orthomolecular Medicine

Orthomolecular Medicine, as developed by double-Nobel Prize laureate Linus Pauling, aims to correct imbalances or deficiencies in individual biochemistry and restore the body and mind to their optimum states. Because Orthomolecular Medicine utilizes substances natural to the body, including diet, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, trace elements and herbal medicinals, it is a powerful complement to […]


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