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Lynn Belcher, LAc, MSTCM

Acupuncturist, Herbalist, Massage Therapist

Lynn Belcher, L.Ac. specializes in a dynamic blend of traditional acupuncture and therapeutic bodywork to resolve acute and chronic orthopedic injuries, muscle and joint pain, digestive disorders, and psycho-emotional imbalances. Known for her bright and playful yet tranquil energy, Lynn is a skillful practitioner, having given more than 10,000 acupuncture treatments in private practice, at a stroke rehabilitation center, and in clinical wellness programs and auricular acupuncture internships.

In addition to being a primary care practitioner, California licensed acupuncturist, herbalist, and massage therapist, she has stocked her tool belt with both traditional and modern techniques for resolving dis-ease. Drawing from foundations in Taoist Energy Practices (Qigong), including vigorous training in Tui Na* meridian massage and Chi Nei Tsang** (Internal Organ/Viscera Massage).  Lynn helps patients heal aches and pains, and then dives deeper to facilitate the release of limiting patterns and behaviors.

Lynn’s academic background includes a four-year graduate degree from the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and a bachelor’s degree in Holistic Health and Traditional Chinese Healing from San Francisco State University. She is an associate instructor with the Universal Healing Tao, founded by Grand Master Mantak Chia, and is Reiki certified. Lynn continually upgrades her knowledge and skills in both modern and traditional methods for restoring optimal health. She recently spent a sabbatical year in Guatemala, Peru, Bolivia, and Colombia, where she took a deep dive into indigenous healing practices, traditional belief systems, and practices for resolving dis-ease through the profound wisdom inherent to our natural life cycles.

In 2001, she traveled to China to participate in a teaching exchange program hosted by the Lien-Ying Tai-Chi Chuan Martial Arts Academy of San Francisco. There she immersed herself in the daily practice of Tai Chi Chuan and study of Chinese medicine both in the school system and community, along with daily instruction in Chinese philosophy and language.

Lynn is committed to inspiring others to educate and empower themselves in order to enhance their relationship with the body’s natural intelligence and ability to heal.

Her acupuncture internships include:

  • James Infirmary, San Francisco
  • California Pacific Medical Center Stroke Rehabilitation Center, San Francisco
  • Haight-Ashbury Medical Clinic, San Francisco
  • Wu’s Healing Center, San Francisco (specializing in fertility treatments)



Tui Na is a method of massage that has been practiced by martial artists and qigong practitioners for some 3,000 years. It uses a variety of unique hand techniques to manipulate soft tissue, in order to stimulate and balance acupressure points and meridians. To implement the balance of yin and yang, smoothing and pushing hand movements are used to disperse obstruction; at other times, grabbing and pulling serve to normalize tissue function.

Depending on the condition being treated, various combinations of rigorous and relaxing massage; plus stretching techniques are applied to increase energy (qi) and blood flow to any area affected by over-exercise, injury, illness, or aging. Each treatment is condition-specific and incorporates conscious breathing, range-of-motion manipulation, meridian stretches, and acupressure-point therapy.

Tui Na is ideal for preventative care to increase athletic performance and strengthen the immune system, to make bones stronger, and reduce fatigue. It also effectively treats a wide range of conditions such as soft tissue strains; injuries and hypertonicity; joint pain and stiffness; injuries to the low back, knee, and shoulder; post-surgical rehabilitation; cervical spondylosis; and systemic hypertension.



Chi Nei Tsang, more easily identified as abdominal or visceral massage, is a system of soft- tissue manipulation techniques devised by Taoist medical qigong practitioners to resolve unhealthy energy patterns and accumulations in the body. Chi Nei Tsang literally means “working the energy of the internal organs” or “internal organs qi transformation.”

This technique addresses the entire network of fascia that encompasses the abdominal cavity and holds its organs. Massage techniques are combined with breathing exercises and the manipulation of abdominal tissue to promote detoxification of the organs and surrounding tissues. Kidney and liver function is stimulated, bile flows more easily to detox the liver and enhance digestion of fats, and knots or tangles in the GI track unwind. This type of massage also addresses unprocessed emotional and energetic charges held within the viscera and organs. Through listening touch and breath, patients deepen self-awareness and release congested structural patterns. This profoundly supports access to our inner wisdom and in turn a natural inclination toward healthier choices in daily life.

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