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Dr. Devatara Holman, DACM, LAc



As a primary care practitioner, Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, and Buddhist teacher, Dr. Devatara Holman, DACM, LAc is exceptionally trained in the Oriental Spiritual and Healing Arts. She is a Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, licensed acupuncturist and herbalist, authorized Upasika Bodhisattva, Certified Buddha Path Dharma Teacher in the Dzogchen Buddha Path Lineage of Tibetan Buddhism, and recognized Qigong Master in the Emei Linji Chan school of Chinese Buddhism. Devatara is a close, long-time student of H.E. Dzogchen Khenpo Choga Rinpoche (Vajrayana Buddhism),  Grand Master Fu Weizhong, head of the Emei Linji Chan Buddhist Lineage, and her Root Teacher, Osho. She speaks Chinese fluently and lived in China, Tibet, and India for almost a decade, where she studied the practical integration of medicine and spiritual practices.

Her understanding of both Eastern methods and the Western mind makes her uniquely capable as both a healer/health practitioner and a spiritual teacher. Devatara teaches and lectures around the world on the topics of health and healing, Physio-cognitive Medicine , Buddhist medicine, Buddhism and Emei Qigong. She has dedicated her life to the benefit all beings and to providing a bridge for demystifying and applying the highest Eastern principles of physical health, emotional heath, and spiritual development to the full spectrum of human experience.


  • Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine
  • Master of Science, Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Master of Arts, Chinese Language, Philosophy and Anthropology
  • Licensed Acupuncturist
  • Certified Master in the Emei Linji Chan School of Chinese Buddhism (Emei Qigong)
  • Expert Clinician of Emei Qigong and Buddhist Medicine
  • Eastern Spiritual and Energetic Arts Training since 1979

Faculty Positions

American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine

San Francisco State University

Graduate Study

American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, San Francisco

National Taiwan University, Republic of China

University of Washington

Stanford University

UC Berkeley

Advanced Training in Orthopedic Acupuncture

Board Affiliations

One Path Outreach, 2016-present. Providing medical service to under-served populations in Tibet and around the world.

Dzogchen Shri Singha Foundation, 2002-present. Supporting the preservation, practice, and transmission of the ancient and unbroken Dzogchen tradition in the modern world. The Dzogchen Wisdom Lineage—Buddha’s entire authentic teaching—is a time-tested tradition of practice with specific techniques to achieve both the immediate goal of individual happiness and the ultimate goal of Vast Awakening.

Emei Qigong Lineage Advisory Board, 1995-2016. Supporting the transmission of the Emei Lineage practices.

Qigong Institute, 1990-2012. Dedicated to promoting the scientific understanding of the basis of Qigong through research and education.

American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, 1995-97. Providing exemplary professional education and quality patient care through acupuncture, Chinese medicine and related healthcare fields.


“After a year of Western medical treatment to rehabilitate a job injury, I could still hardly climb a flight of stairs. I had twelve weeks of Qigong instruction and practice with Devatara Holman and now I am back to my pain-free hiking in the Marin hills.”

—Mr. N.H., Contractor, Mill Valley


“When my cancer had been in remission for five years, I thought I would just have to live with numerous physical problems caused by my treatment. Devatara Holman keeps those things in check with quarterly treatments and has helped me to manage my concerns on my own between visits. As a culture we need to integrate the knowledge she has to pass on.”

—Mrs. A.H., Retired Senior, San Francisco


“Chronic respiratory infections and endless rounds of antibiotics were making my life miserable. Devatara Holman’s treatment resolved a raging infection in just a few days. As the result of her valuable guidance, I found the root of the problem and have not had another infection for over two years.”

—Mr. D.R., International IT Consultant, Sausalito


“Devatara Holman is an authentic, compassionate, and intuitive healer with impressive skills in both the practical and subtle realms. She also makes herself available to her patients like old-style physicians used to – phone consultations, home visits, the whole works! She will be our trusted family practitioner and health consultant for years to come.”

—Mrs. N.L., Attorney and Mother, Larkspur


“I have long hoped to find my own personal meditation teacher. Devatara Holman knows more about meditation and energy work than any American teacher I have ever met. In addition to being a lovely person, she is a very wise and skilled teacher.”

—Mr. T.B., Consultant, Muir Beach


“Devatara Holman is my core health practitioner. She treats the whole person. That means the physical, emotional and spiritual aspect of each individual. She practices medicine the way it used to be practiced, when it was recognized that all these areas of the individual needed to be addressed when illness was present or wellness was to be maintained. Since I started seeing her, over eight years age, I have had little need for Western medicine. Thank you so much.”

—Dr. M.H., San Francisco


“I am a spiritual teacher myself, and yet have learned so much from Devatara, not only in the area of physical health but also in emotional health and effective practices from the Buddhist approach to health and healing. She knows more about the practical application of Buddhism than any teacher I have come across. My time and treatments with her have truly augmented my understanding of true physical health, emotional balance and true spiritual development. She brings it all together with no pretense, and no mystical-making. It is all VERY practical. She has very unusual skills and a simple, clear, sincere intention to help others. She is a unique, hidden jewel.”

—Mr. B. D.

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