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Marin Oriental Medicine

Heal, Thrive and Go Beyond!

Highest Quality, Premium Full-Spectrum, Natural Care


Healthcare enrollment season can be a hassle. The great news is, you can get fantastic, natural primary care covered under most insurance plans. When you know that, it all gets a lot easier! Just ask for good coverage for Acupuncture, or “Specialist” under your plan and you will qualify for The New Age of Health Care.

  • Yes, Marin Oriental Medicine is a primary healthcare practice, but it is so much more than the usual!

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  • It’s all about you!

  • Its about the whole youfrom root through the branch to the blossom.

  • From the highest quality practitioners to the innovative use of technology, blood test analysis and natural medicine, everything is designed to provide you with increased access to the most effective and affordable care and identification of issues before they develop into health problems.

  • Functional Medicine We use cutting edge analysis of your blood work to follow your progress and refine your care.

We work with your Insurance!

  • Our practitioners work directly with your insurance provider to make sure each visit is hassle-free.Office Waiting Area

  • As a courtesy to our patients, we bill your insurance company for you.

  • Plus, we accept a wide range of insurance coverage from Affordable Care Act to major carriers including:

    • Aetna

    • Blue Shield

    • Cigna

    • United Health Care

  • If you are considering a new health insurance plan, please talk with us so we can help you get the best coverage for your care in our office.

 Experience the highest quality care, designed to help you heal, thrive and go beyond!

Receive complete and true care:

  • Preventative medicine, cutting-edge blood test analysis to uncover hidden imbalances and follow progress

  • Treatment of acute and chronic conditions

  • Attain and maintain optimal health and thrive!

  • We help our patients attain the realization of your highest potential as a human being.

Remember:Office Hallway

  • People who use preventative medicine tend to stay healthier and have greater potential to thrive!

  • Don’t wait until you are sick!

  • The best way to use preventative medicine is to have regular treatments 1-2 times per month if you have no chronic problems. If you do have chronic problems, discuss with your practitioner what kind of frequency is right to move beyond chronic states to healthy and stable.

  • See our highly qualified practitioners who are passionate about your health and happiness.

  • Get access to the area’s best natural medicine as the alternative to invasive medical treatments and pharmaceuticals.

  • Get access to the best of our combined 45 years experience:

    • Annual blood tests and specialty tests

    • Acupuncture

    • Herbal Medicine

    • Qigong Master of 25 years, effectiveness now validated by Western science

    • Physio-Cognitive Medicine and Buddhist Medicine – a new field of medicine discerning the final root cause of illness and making you the master of your own health, mind and Universe.

      Take the Stress Out of Your Healthcare

  • Enjoy quality time with your practitioner

  • Get in soon with same-day or next-day appointments that start on time

  • Email your provider personally or talk with your provider the same day.

  • We accept all major credit cards

 We provide care for Veterans by way of VA benefits! Call us to learn more!

 Consider us for your employee assistance program!

Make your appointment today for the best natural medical care in the area!

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We serve patients throughout California! Distance is no limitation!

Marin Oriental Medicine

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